Purpose of the journal: The publication of carefully selected original research articles in all areas of theoretical and applied research in Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics.

Objectives of the journal:

* Publication articles on perspective, as well as new domestic, topics and fields in international science in order to involve students, young teachers, employees of research institutes of Kazakhstan in such research;

* Implementation of the Addresses of the Yelbasy and the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the preparation and effective participation of Kazakhstan in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the mass preparation of IT specialists of higher qualification;

* Accumulation of experience of publication of direct-edition articles adapted for immediate application in the development of Mathematics and Computer Science in Kazakhstan;

* Providing a scientific platform for the journal to anchor new ideas in the international space in detail and to discuss them;

* The journal welcomes papers on topics in school mathematics (based on the experience of the World Mathematics Class of the Soviet period)

* Improvement of the level of scientific articles within the country through systematic work of the Editorial Board with the authors on the requirements for the structure of the articles determined by the journal;

* The offensive inclusion of Kazakhstan's impact in the World scientific space through scientific breakthroughs in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Subject area: Mathematics, Computer Science, Mechanics.

Publication languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.

Periodicity: 4 times a year.

Open access policy. Journal articles are directly accessible to all (link to article archive http://bulmathmc.enu.kz/article/archive) based on the principle that open access to research results contributes to the advancement of universal knowledge.

Archiving. Electronic versions of the scientific journal are provided to the National Center of State Science and Technology Evaluation JSC for the formation of the collection and inclusion in the electronic library. The journal has been archiving materials in Elibrary.ru since 2019.

Terms of publication. All articles submitted to the Editorial Board of the journal "Bulletin of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. Mathematical and Computer Applications Series" are subject to mandatory anonymous review. Based on the reviews received, the Editorial Board of the journal makes the final decision.

Subscription index. 76092 (ENU Journals)