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1An Example of a Non-triangulable Derivation of a Differential Polynomial Algebra of Rank 2
  • Duisengaliyeva n. n.
  • Naurazbekova n. n.
VOLUME 128, 2019 NUMBER 3
2Comparison Theorems For Certain Classes of Univalent Functions
  • Kayumov n. n.
VOLUME 128, 2019 NUMBER 3
3On the Reduction of the Linear System of the Differential Equations to the BiDiagonal Kind
  • Shchogolev n. n.
VOLUME 128, 2019 NUMBER 3
4The Сoncept of S.M.Voronin in the Problem of Comparisons in the Same Terms of Deterministic and Random Computation
  • Temirgaliyev N.
VOLUME 128, 2019 NUMBER 3