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1Project of a personal educational platform to support personalized learning of high school students
  • Seitakhmetova Z.
  • Kumargazhanova S.
  • Fedkin E.
  • Sadvakassova A.
  • Bobrov L.
VOLUME 137, 2021 NUMBER 4
2Scientific, scientific-methodological and organizational report “The Institute of theoretical mathematics and scientific computing (ITMSC) L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University in 2019 year (Part IV)”
  • Temirgaliyev N.
VOLUME 137, 2021 NUMBER 4
3Explicit solutions of a two-dimensional integral equation of Volterr type with boundary singularity and strongly singular line when the roots of the characteristic equations are real, different and equal
  • Rajabova L. N.
  • Ahmadov F. M.
VOLUME 137, 2021 NUMBER 4