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1Testing of Information Storage System Using Multidimensional Parity Algorithms Resistant to Partial Loss of Storage Locations10.32523/2616-7182/2019-129-4-80-88
  • Karipzhanova A. Z.
VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
2Г-supercyclicity for Bilateral Shift Operators and Translation Semigroups10.32523/2616-7182/2019-129-4-73-79
  • Abbar A.
VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
3To The Theory of Non-Model Two-Dimensional Integral Equations of Volterra Type With a Strongly Singular and Weakly Singular Line on a Strip10.32523/2616-7182/2019-129-4-67-72
  • Khushvakhtov M. M.
  • Rajabova L. N.
VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
4Linear Differential Evasion Game with Locally Inertial Controls10.32523/2616-7182/2019-129-4-54-66
  • Yugay L. P.
VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
5Theory of Radon Transform in the Concept of Computational (Numerical) Diameter and Methods of the Quasi-Monte Carlo Theory10.32523/2616-7182/2019-129-4-8-53
  • Zhubanysheva A. Z.
  • Temirgaliyev N.
  • Abikenova S. K.
  • Azhgaliyev S. O.
  • Taugynbayeva . E.
VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4