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1On initial-boundary problem for fuzzy heat equation
  • Ilolov M.
  • Rahmatov J. S.
VOLUME 123, 2018 NUMBER 2
2Hardy and Hardy-Littlewood fractional modified operators in the Hertz and Morrey-Hertz spaces
  • Volosivets S. S.
  • Golubov B. I.
VOLUME 123, 2018 NUMBER 2
3Fundamental and generalized solutions of the equations of the non-stationary dynamics of thermoelastic rods
  • Alekseeva L.
  • Dadayeva A. N.
  • Ainakeyeva N. Z.
VOLUME 123, 2018 NUMBER 2
4Elementary construction of the linear congruent Lehmer sequence with the degree of randomness that is required by the spectral test of Coveyou and MacPherson
  • Temirgaliyev N.
VOLUME 123, 2018 NUMBER 2