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1Chrestenson-Levy system and step scaling functions10.32523/2616-7182/2020-130-1-59-72
  • Farkov . A.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
2On the Reduction of the Linear System of the Differential Equations with coefficients of oscillating type to the Triangular Kind in the Non-resonant Case10.32523/2616-7182/2020-130-1-82-92
  • Shchogolev S. A.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
3Amalgamated free product structure of the tame automorphism group of a free Novikov algebra of rank 210.32523/2616-7182/2020-130-1-73-81
  • Duisengaliyeva B. A.
  • Naurazbekova A. S.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
4Scientific, scientific-methodological and organizational report “The Institute of theoretical mathematics and scientific computing (ITMSC) L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University in 2019 year (Part I)”10.32523/2616-7182/2020-130-1-8-58
  • Temirgaliyev N.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
5Application aspects of algebraic number theory in financial mathematics10.32523/2616-7182/2020-130-1-93-102
  • Taugynbayeva . E.
  • Nauryzbayev N. Z.
  • Beisenbek M.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1